How can I help in the Coptic Treasures Project?

Areas of Assistance in Service

We are in deep need for various services, like:

– Scanning and digitizing old books.

– Converting old sermons and lectures from cassettes and video tapes to digital formats.

– Assisting in the project’s massive ongoing monthly costs.

– Typing texts on computer, then reviewing the typed texts.

– Collecting Coptic Orthodox material in English, French, German and any other available languages.

– Sharing the published posts with friends on social media sites.

– Contacting us in case of any technical or faith-related mistakes.

– Helping us obtaining authors’ approval and facilitating the collection of their material.

– Translating the available material between languages professionally.

Financial Support

The Project expenses exceeds one thousand American Dollars, monthly.In addition, we have multiple areas of service to expand, but finances hinders us a lot.

If you are able to support us financially, please click on the icon below.
The icon will take you to the international website, Paypal, where you can donate to us using either Paypal or any availalbe credit card you have.
The value of donation is left to you. Also, you can set up a “Recurring Payment” for repetitive donation.